Murdock Middle High School, 3 Memorial Drive, off Elmwood Road
Event Date: 
Monday, March 13, 2023 - 7:00pm

The Special Town Meeting is being called primarily to review and act on any citizen findings on the Community Preservation Act Exploratory Committee (CPAEC).

From the CPAEC:  

"The CPAEC recommends the town locally adopt the CPA at the 3% threshold, ensuring the greatest return on our investment. While the match from the state varies from year to year, this would represent a 100% match under current determining metrics and anticipated governing body decisions. We believe that the Town can greatly benefit from this resource in meeting our various community goals. If the Board would be kind enough to accommodate, we ask that the residents of Winchendon be given the opportunity to decide whether to capitalize on this resource via a Special Town Meeting in March of 2023. If the vote passes, the matter will be placed on the Spring 2023 Ballot at the Annual Elections on May 1st."