Are you interested in being involved in a community project to bring more healthy food to Winchendon?

Are you interested in being involved in a community project to bring more healthy food to Winchendon? Come to the first CIRCL group meeting November 12th at 9:15 am – 10:15 am at the Clark Memorial YMCA in Winchendon. Please RSVP to Daniel Forkner if you can make it via email  ( or phone at (678) 764-3550.

To recap, the HEAL Winchendon Food Project will seek to answer the question: how can we bring more healthy food to Winchendon in a way that meets residents’ needs, supports local producers and retailers, leverages the strength of large “anchor” institutions, and in a way that is economically viable and sustainable? One of the most important products that will come out of this project will be a hub-and-spoke model of food distribution delivering CSA meal kits filled with local produce to older adults and other Winchendon residents. But the CSA meal kits are just one piece. The community has also expressed interest in cooking classes, nutrition education, gardening projects, building relationships with local farmers, and other engagement activities. 

Such an ambitious project as this cannot succeed without the participation of the very people who are the Winchendon community.

That is why we are inviting you to be part of the process! Come to the November 12th meeting to find out how your gifts and talents can be utilized to support healthy and affordable food in your community.

Can’t make the meeting? You can still help:

Fill out a market survey. The answers from these surveys will tell us about the food needs of Winchendon residents and how the project can best serve to meet those needs and other challenges. If you have 15min please help us by completing a survey today!

Do you have access to event/community spaces?

Print out and post a flyer (see attached) to inform the community about the meeting.

Let us know if you would be interested in hosting a future CIRCL group meeting or community workshop!

Visit our webpage (still in progress) to learn more about the Winchendon Food Project and find dates/times for future CIRCL group meetings as well as the minutes from each meeting.