Inside Public Housing Apartments

No changes may be made to the interior or exterior of any dwelling unit including, but not limited to, the removal of closets or walls.  Installation of any type of equipment, antennas, wallpaper, wallpaper borders, stenciling or paneling is NOT ALLOWED.  No doors can be removed from any unit either inside or outside.  REMEMBER ANY QUESTIONS CALL THE OFFICE FIRST BEFORE YOU CHANGE ANYTHING!!!


No appliances, such as a dishwasher, freezer, and extra refrigerator.  Washer and/or Dryer may not be installed and used in any of the WHAís federal developments.  State 705-1 Scattered Sites and 705-2 Ready Drive that have hookups can have washer and dryers in their units.  Most Developments have a central Laundry area for resident use.


Ceiling fans may be considered for Ipswich and Hyde Park Drive for medical purposes only.  Tenants must first complete the Reasonable Accommodation form, which shall be verified by the tenant's physician.  Upon approval, installation of the ceiling fan will be required by a licensed electrician.  The ceiling fan must be installed in compliance with the State Sanitary, Electrical Code and any other building codes.


Smoke detectors may not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be disconnected or tampered with.  Remember they are for you and your family's safety and the safety of the other tenants in the building.  If you think they are too sensitive, call the office and maintenance will check the sensitivity of each detector.


Monitor hot water.  If you feel it is too hot, over 130 degrees contact the office in order for the temperature to be checked.


You are responsible for light bulbs in your own light fixtures.  The Housing Authority replaces florescent light bulbs and the light bulbs in common areas such as hallways, cellars and outside lighting.
  • Window washing in your apartment is your responsibility.
  • Decorative decals should not be added to bathtubs as they do not come off.
  • Tubs and toilets should be cleaned with a nonabrasive cleaner.
  • No waterbeds are allowed in any Housing Authority properties.
  • No locks other than those provided may be installed on interior or exterior doors.
  • Curtains and furniture must be kept away from heating baseboards.
  • Clothing may not be dried over heating baseboards as this is a fire hazard.
  • No glue, tacks or carpeting with rubber backing will be allowed in any units.
  • Shut off water on toilet should it start to overflow and contact the office.
  • No additional heater of any sort to be used in apartments.
  • Painting NOT ALLOWED.