Procedures for Emergency and Routine Maintenance Calls


In the case of fire, medical emergency or a violent situation, tenants should IMMEDIATELY call 911.


Emergency Maintenance Procedures
All maintenance emergencies should be called into 978-297-2280 and put in the extension for your Maintenance Technician (350 for Jim, 351 for Mike, 352 for Rocky, 353 for Marc, 354 for Linda, 355 for Donald) and then wait what you consider a reasonable time for a call back-depending on what the emergency is.  They should contact you directly but if too much time passes before that happens, you can call back and contact one of the other Maintenance Technicians.  Do not go right down the line and call all of them at the same time though.  Our Technicians are hard working, so only call them after hours when absolutely necessary.


When leaving a message for your Maintenance Technician for after hours emergency call, leave your phone number and name so they are able to call you back to assess the situation before responding to your unit.  The follow list includes some situations that would be deemed as emergencies:
  • Flood as a result of sewer backup, bust water lines, stuck valve(s) or elements of nature.
  • No heat in the housing unit or the entire building.
  • No electricity in the housing unit or entire building.
  • Glass breakage where damage will occur to Housing property or result in discomfort to the tenant.
  • Roof leaks where the tenant cannot control the situation or when further damage may occur.
  • Plugged toilet or sink where there is no other available or the water is overflowing.
  • Lock outs.  You will be charged a fee of $60 for after hour lock outs.
  • Situations/problems that could threaten your safety or damage property.  For example, lights out in common hallways; icy conditions.
Other types of calls are considered routine and should be reported to the office during business hours.


During working hours call 978-297-2280 ext. 308 to report any maintenance issues.  Should you have a problem after working hours that you do not consider an emergency, the message can also be left on the same extension and will be received in the morning and maintenance will be informed.


If you are not sure whether or not to call and report a problem after hours or on weekends-MAKE THE CALL.  This policy is not meant to discourage you from reporting a problem on the weekends or after hours, but to minimize the maintenance staff from needlessly going out in the evening and on weekends.


For Federal family, Federal elderly and State elderly/handicapped properties:  Once the plow has come in and made a path in the parking areas, you are expected to move your cars so that the lot may be cleared out as soon as you are able.