Public Housing Eligibility

Public housing is a subsidized housing program established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities.  The Winchendon Housing Authority manages 242 units of federal and state subsidized public housing units.


Public housing is limited to low-income families and individuals.  The Winchendon Housing Authority ensures that every applicant to its public housing programs meet specific eligibility criteria.  To be eligible for the public housing programs administered by the WHA, the applicant must at a minimum:
  • Qualify as an elder, a person with a disability or as a family.
  • Have at least one household member that is either a citizen of the United States or has eligible immigration status.
  • Have an income level at or below the specified limits to receive subsidized housing assistance.
Maximum Household Income for Winchendon Public Housing Programs Effective 2021


1 Person
2 Person
3 Person
4 Person
5 Person
6 Person
7 Person
8+ Person


Other eligibility criteria are program specific and will be reviewed and discussed with each applicant family during the initial stages of the application screening process.


Preferences will be given to applicants who reside or are employed in the Town of Winchendon.  Veterans that qualify will be given a preference and the affirmative action will also apply.


In addition to program eligibility factors, each applicant must meet WHA suitability criteria.  Although an applicant may be eligible for housing assistance, they may not be deemed suitable.  In determining suitability, the WHA contacts former landlords and takes into consideration an applicantís past history regarding:
  • Financial obligations, especially rent
  • Disturbing the neighbors
  • Destroying property
  • Living and housekeeping habits which could adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of other tenants
  • Drug related criminal activity and acts of violence
Once an applicant is determined eligible and suitable for WHA's housing programs and they reach the top of the program waiting list a suitable unit offer is made to the applicant.