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Winchendon has federal public housing as well as state public housing.  Applicants may choose to apply for either one or both.  When submitting an application for public housing, a federal application form cannot be submitted alone as the Universal Standard Application for State Aided Housing gathers necessary application information.  When using this form and only interested in federal housing, please state this on your application. 


Applications must include the following information for all family members:


Names, social security cards and birth certificates for all members.


The names and addresses for all income received in the household which includes but is not limited to wages, TAFDC, Social Security, SSI, child support, alimony, government allotments, veterans       
pension, and any other source of income.


Complete landlord history for the past five (5) years is required.  You must include complete name, address and telephone number for all past and present landlords.  Past tenancy must be verified.


Government issued photo ID for all household members 18 and older.


All forms must be signed and dated where indicated.