Public Housing Information

There is a local preference for applicants who live or work in Winchendon.  There is also a preference for veterans and minorities.  A priority is given to those who have a qualified housing emergency situation.  The waiting lists are open for 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments.


Benefits for public housing tenants:
  • Rent is based on income.
  • Rent for the Federal and State Elderly program and the Federal Family program include heat, hot water, electricity, trash, lawn care and snow removal.  The rent is 30% of the household's monthly adjusted income.
  • Rent for the State Family program does not include utilities, trash, lawn care or snow removal.  Depending on their income,Tenants pay 27% to 32% of their adjusted monthly income towards rent.  Most tenants qualify for fuel assistance.
  • Public Housing tenants are able to take deductions against their rent.
  • Federal Housing allows for a childcare deduction for work or education.
  • State Housing allows for child support deductions, childcare deductions, medical deductions, and certain other educational expense deductions.
  • State Housing allows for an elderly earnings exclusion.  Any tenant 62 or older may have up to 20 hours of earned income at current minimum wages excluded from yearly earnings.
  • Living in public housing often accesses other government programs for which tenants are income qualified.
  • All Public Housing tenants must qualify for housing with background checks, including criminal history checks and landlord verifications.  This provides for a safer neighborhood for families.
  • If there is a situation where neighbors are not "getting along", the Housing Authority offers mediation to all tenants as a means of resolution.
  • The Housing Authority offers budget counseling to all tenants who choose to participate.
  • The Housing Authority offers 24 hour, seven day per week emergency maintenance service.