Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes

Motor Vehicle bills are generated by the registry of motor vehicles and sent to the Town for printing and mailing.  You should be sure that the registry has your correct mailing address as we can't make any changes to the bills.  
Bills are due 30 days from date of issue.  Interest will be charged at 12% if delinquent.

I received and Excise Tax Bill on a car I no longer own. Where do I go for an adjustment?
Please contact the Town of Winchendon Assessor's Office for abatement information.

How do I pay overdue Excise Taxes that have been marked at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for non-renewal?
Please contact our Deputy Collector, Point Software at (413) 526-9737. You must make payment directly to their office. Once they have received payment, they will contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles to release your account so that you can renew.

Three Important Reminders:
1) A bill for a vehicle that is no longer owned should not be ignored.

2) When a motor vehicle is registered, a motor vehicle excise bill is generated and the owner is responsible for its payment.  If the owner moves within Massachusetts or out of state, if he or she sells or trades the motor vehicle, or if it is stolen, s/he needs to make every effort to obtain the bill, to pay it, and then to apply for an abatement if they are eligible.  Filing an application does not stay the collection of your excise bill.  To avoid interest, charges and collection action, including non-renewal of your registration, you must pay the bill in full within 30 days of its issue date.  You will receive a refund if an abatement is granted.

3) To avoid not receiving an excise bill on time, the owner should keep the Registry of Motor Vehicles aware of the current mailing address.  There are several on-line transactions which can be performed at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website.

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