Real Estate Taxes

Residents can now pay their bills online

Bills are due quarterly 2/1, 5/1, 8/1, 11/1. Please note bills are mailed twice a year with two quarters on each bill. Late payments will be assessed interest  at a rate of 14% and late charges in accordance with the Massachusetts General Law.

Payments must be received in the Collectors office by 5:00pm on the due date. You may put your payment in the drop box (located in the front of the Town Hall front entrance.  Top of the steps). We do not accept postmark.  Payments must actually be received in the office to avoid additional charges.

If you use your banks "On-Line" payments such as "Home Link/Bill Pay" be aware that the Town is actually sent a CHECK. Please reference your map and parcel on your check.
It may take up to two weeks for the Collectors office to receive the check from your bank.
Checks should be made payable to "Town of Winchendon"
Please enclose the remittance portion of the bill to ensure proper credit. If you would like a receipt, enclose a self addressed & stamped envelope with your payment.
If your taxes are being paid by a bank or mortgage company, please contact them to ensure that they have the correct tax information for your account.
Remember, as the property owner you are responsible for the tax obligations.
The cost for a Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC) is $25.00 per parcel. Please include an MLC Request Form along a self addressed postage paid envelope. Please make sure that the address of the property, and the map and parcel are listed to ensure your request is completed in a timely manner. 
Please do not "post-date" personal checks. Checks are deposited daily. If a check is dishonored by a bank for any reason, a returned check fine of $15.00, plus applicable interest and charges will be added. It is illegal to submit "post-dated" checks for payment.

What is the Real Estate tax billing schedule?
The town collects Real Estate Tax on a fiscal quarterly schedule - clck here for details

I bought the property this year, why is the former owner still appearing on the tax bill?
Property taxes are billed with the information as of January 1st preceding the beginning of the current Fiscal Year. If you purchased the property any time after January 1st, you may not appear on the tax bill as the assessed owner until the next fiscal year. This rule is mandated by Massachusetts Law. However, if the Assessors office is notified that there is a new owner, the next bill can be sent as "Care Of".
What are the penalties for late tax payments or not paying my tax bill?
If for some reason you are unable to pay you tax bill, Massachusetts Law mandates that interest, at 14%, be added to the tax from the due through the payment date.
The fiscal years taxes must be paid in full by the May 1st due date to avoid any further action taken by the town.
If you find that you are unable to pay a tax bill, please contact the Collector as soon as possible.
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