Audit Committee

Bylaws: Passed on May 18, 2015 at Town Meeting.

38.1 There shall be a five (5) member Audit Committee in the Town of Winchendon comprised of one (1) member of the Board of Selectmen (appointed by the Board of Selectmen), one (1) member of the Finance Committee (appointed by the Finance Committee), one (1) member of the School committee (appointed by the School Committee) and two (2) registered voters in the town who have finance experience, preferably municipal (appointed by a majority vote of the three Board and Committee member appointees.)

8.2 Administrative support staff to the Audit Committee shall be provided by the Town Manager, the Town Accountant, the Superintendent of Schools and the School Business Manager.

38.3 The Audit Committee shall solicit, interview and recommend to the Board of Selectmen  the firm of independent auditors that is to audit and report on the financial statements issued by the Town.  The Audit Committee shall review the audit plan with the independent auditors and upon completion of the audit, meet with the independent auditors to discuss the results of the audit and the annual financial reports.

38.4 The Audit Committee shall transmit a copy of the completed annual audited financials and management letter report to the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee and the School Committee, and with the assistance from the auditing firm, shall present the results of the annual audited financials and management letter report to a jointly held public meeting of the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee and the Finance Committee.

Funding for the annual independent audit shall be budgeted in the Finance Committee annual budget.


Board Members

Name Title
Charles Corts Member
Audrey LaBrie Member
Michelle Comeau Member