Conservation Commission

Description of Services
The Winchendon Conservation Commission is a five-member board responsible for the local administration and enforcement of the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act (MGL, Chapter 131, Section 40).  The Conservation Commission has also assumed the same responsibilities for the Town of Winchendon Wetlands Protection Bylaw approved by voters at the 2007 Annual town Meeting.  The Town of Winchendon Wetlands Protection Bylaw includes some stronger provisions over and above those found in the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, primarily in the form of greater no-build and no-disturb setbacks from wetland resource areas.

Generally, the Conservation Commission's regulatory authority is triggered when alteration or construction is proposed in a wetland or floodplain, within 100 feet of a wetland, or within 200 feet of a river, stream or brook that flows year round.   Under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and town of Winchendon Wetlands Protection Bylaw, the Commission is required to issue decisions that provide for the following eight interests:

  • Protection of public and private water supply
  • Protection of ground water supply
  • Flood control
  • Prevention of storm damage
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Protection of land containing shellfish
  • Protection of fisheries
  • Protection of wildlife habitat

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Matthew Marro Conservation Agent (978)314-7858

Conservation Commission Members

Name Title
David Whitaker Vice-Chair
Lionel Cloutier Member
Melissa Blanchard Member
Glen LaRochelle Member
Brianna Roberts Recording Secretary
Mike Kearns Member