Ingleside Trails and North Central Pathway Connector
Ingleside Trails and North Central Pathway Connector

We are beginning phase one of the Ingleside property development - the building of walking trails in order to get the community onto and utilizing the property.     

The property has a new name:  Winchendon Community Park

We have two events scheduled in July. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 14, Community Kickoff Day at the park at 10:00 AM

Agenda: Walk the trails with NQTA, get a list of projects to be completed on the upcoming work day and a list of participants and tasks.

Saturday, July 28, Community Action Day - Winchendon Community Park at Ingleside 9:30 AM

Agenda: Get to work!

I hope you all share our renewed enthusiasm in finally getting this project off the ground.

We hope to see you all on each of the dates above.

In addition we are hoping to use each of you to recruit others to get involved.

Thank you,

The Ingleside Utilization Committee